Best Backpacking Fishing Pole : Buying Guide

Best Backpacking Fishing Pole : Buying Guide

If you are a fishing lover then you must know how significant it is to have a fishing pole. But sometimes we cannot recognize which one will be the best backpacking fishing pole for us. Or, sometimes we make mistakes while picking the best one.

A professional angler or an avid person knows the significance of using a fishing pole. With the help of a long and heavier fishing rod, he can easily catch by manipulating the fish. The fishing rod is generally an elastic rod. It is a tool that is generally used for catching fish. However, it is quite challenging to recognize the best one among lots of poles as you want to keep it in your backpack. And yes! This is the main reason why I am here today! I am gonna give you some ideas about the best backpacking fishing rod. And I think this will really help you out from the next time when you will be going to buy.

Here I am Presenting 11 Best Backpacking Fishing Pole

A great fishing pole is an integral part of meaningful and enjoyable fly fishing. Hence, the person who spends time fishing or a professional angler both knows the importance of having a fishing rod. But to successfully catch lots of fish an avid person must choose the best backpacking fishing pole compared to the normal one as it must be carried in the backpack. So possibly I am mentioning some of the best backpacking fishing rods here so that you can avoid mistakes while choosing yours.

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Here are the eleven best backpacking fishing poles below.

1. Zebco Roam Telescopic Fishing Rod

Zebco Roam Telescopic Fishing Rod

This backpacking Zebco Roam Spin Cast Reel and Telescopic Fishing Rod has been trusted since 1949 and is considered the best backpacking fishing pole. This super-strong fishing rod will definitely provide you with hours of comfort at the time of fishing. You do not have to face difficulty while using this rod. Its front cover is strong enough and very convenient as well. Hence, it is flawlessly mobile for daily lifestyle. Additionally, this fishing pole can be adjusted for right and left-hand retrieves. So if you are a beginner then it will surely help you to test out which hand is the most comfortable to cast with. Again, the product’s fiberglass rod will essentially help you to reel in the big one for a long time. There are other characteristics that I am going to add to this product below.

Additional Features ~

Additionally, this rod’s mild fast action and medium-heavy strength are actually best for targeting the light. And you know what? The telescoping rod’s function is so perfect and also sturdy enough. So if you want to catch large fish then you must choose this one undoubtedly.

In conclusion, I just want to say that this best backpacking fishing rod is the perfect choice for every professional and can be the ultimate tool for all kinds of fishing adventures. So eventually, I suggest you to pick this one as it is loaded with amazing features.

Pros ~

  • This best backpacking fishing pole is very easy to use.
  • It has a 6-foot fiberglass rod that is durable enough.
  • It is featured with soft touchy handle knobs.
  • This has a steel front cover which is bold stainless.
  • It features a very comfortable grip handle.
  • Very comfortable and easy to use.
  • Very convenient and also portable due to its compact size.
  • Hence, this best backpacking fishing rod has dial-adjustable drag.
  • And it is very easy to transport.

Cons ~

  • This one is basically suitable for freshwater but is not suitable for saltwater. Because the line may keep snapping at the knot in the saltwater. So this feature might create a problem for you in the saltwater.

2. Zebco Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Zebco Spincast Reel

Zebco 202 Spin Cast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo with 27-piece tackle pack are one of the best backpacking fishing rods ever known. This fishing rod is actually the best for catching some pretty prize-sized fish. Additionally, I can assure you that the rod, as well as the reel, will perform so nicely that you can’t stop falling in love with it. It will also offer you a push-button. Meanwhile, the hooks are standard enough. Hence it is well familiar and obviously, it has a very decent size, especially for the kids. So this best backpacking fishing pole can be an amazing gift for kids.

So don’t you think that this one is perfect from all anglers? I think it is high time to grab this best one for your kids before stocking out.

Pros ~

  • This nice one has a Fiberglass Rod with great durability.
  • Easy to carry anywhere and so comfortable.
  • It features a stainless steel pick-up pin.
  • This best backpacking fishing rod is very smooth to use.
  • Durable all-metal kinds of stuff.
  • It offers a dial-adjustable drag along with a built-in hook keeper.

Cons ~

  • Unfortunately it is not interchangeable from right to left hand retrieves. Only right handed.
  • It is designed for kids but not perfect for adults.

3. Wakeman Outdoors Fly Fishing Pole

Wakeman Outdoors Fly Fishing Pole

Here comes another best backpacking fishing pole. If you want to experience an outdoor fishing adventure then get prepared with this 3-Piece Fly Rod with Reel and Tackle by Wakeman Outdoors Fly Fishing Pole. This will be the perfect choice for you in your fishing adventure. It weighs 0.91 kilograms. This fishing pole offers a collapsible rod. However, that collapsible rod is manufactured from fiberglass material. And this characteristic makes the fishing rod more durable and strong enough without making it heavy at all. The lightweight construction makes this rod amazing for both newbie and experienced anglers and also youngsters as well.

The fishing reel and rod combo feature a compact, screw collectively layout. It features an entirely extended length of 96 inches and also measures only 33.5 inches when fully disassembled. These unique characteristics make it splendid for backpacking to fishing sports. Eventually, if you want to give this best backpacking fishing rod as a gift then I am sure this will be counted as the best gift for them.

Pros ~

  • It’s a great starter set and also it is not expensive enough.
  • Not heavy weighted.
  • The collapsible rod will also provide you with a carrying case. Hence, if you travel in a car then this will work for protecting your fishing gear.
  • If you want then you can use large popping bugs on this rod and reel. It is a great feature also.

Cons ~

  • I could not identify any disadvantages and cons of this best backpacking fishing pole.

4. Zebco Roam Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Zebco Roam Spinning Reel

Zebco Roam Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo come with a bright as well as soothing color. This 6-foot 6-inch 2-piece fishing rod combo features a unique design along with a Twist Lock reel seat. It also provides moderate power and moderate fast action that makes it simpler to get medium species for instance walleye and also bass.

The reel and the rod function very well which provide an amazing feel. Additionally, the reel is way smooth and perfectly built whereas the rod has a natural balanced feel in your hand.

If you have a plan for catching a lot of fish then pick this one without thinking guys! I hope after buying this best backpacking fishing rod you will be delighted about the product. Moreover, you will start to love this one. And also Do Not Worry at all about the quality of this great product.

Pros ~

  • This one of the best backpacking fishing poles will undoubtedly support your budget.
  • Simple yet sturdy.
  • It would be a great starter combo.
  • This one is very easy to cast.
  • Lightweight enough.
  • Great quality.

Cons ~

  • I could not find any cons to this product.

5. Daiwa Revros Spinning Reel Travel Combo

Daiwa Revros Spinning Reel Travel Combo

Are you searching for a fishing rod which you can carry easily to anywhere you go? If you are, then I am going to mention a product that is really the best backpacking fishing rod ever. In that case, Daiwa Revros Executive Pack Spinning Rod Travel Combo will be a great alternative for you guys! Yes! I was talking about this one. So are you interested in this product? Well! Then let me abate your confusion right now.

And this best backpacking fishing pole originated from China. And this has the ability to catch a lot of fish. So with this, you can catch a lot of bass along with a couple of big ones. The spinning reel functions very nicely. Ultimately, you can say it is the most amazing fishing rod ever. You will enjoy it while using this rod.

Additional Information about This Product!

Yes, I am going to add some more additional information for supporting this best backpacking fishing rod. Because I think the information that I have described above is not sufficient. So here you go! The length, width, and height of this product are about 21 * 11.25 * 3 inches. Additionally, the package weight is about 0.92 Kilograms.

Most importantly, this best backpacking fishing rod or you can say reel combo will perfectly handle big as well as some decent fish. While using this one you can use a bit of drag so that your fish do not snap the line at all. But I swear! The drag is really entirely easy to use. I mean it is very easy to twist. I think this information is very crucial for supporting this product. So I think all the information is enough for you. So before stocking out you need to book your ones quickly.

Pros ~

  • Not very heavy weighted and features with greater sensitivity.
  • Lower price.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Very comfortable.
  • This product will offer you good quality.
  • Portable enough.
  • This best backpacking fishing rod has been designed with a reel seat body including stainless steel hoods.
  • Features 100% pure graphite.

Cons ~

  • None

6. Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod will be the best option for those people who are searching for a fishing pole that is made with high-density carbon fiber material. Because this kind of material is making the fishing rod more and more sturdy along with great durability. Secondly, this rod is convenient enough so if you want to carry it with you then you will not face any trouble.

Oh! I forgot to mention that it is a both saltwater and freshwater fishing pole. It has other features which make it one of the best backpacking fishing poles compared to the other products. For example: If you want to have a long adventurous time then this pole will not let you feel tired at all. Because it features a comfortable hand feeling. These features are so cool!!!

Finally, I can recommend this amazing starter if you really want to have all those great features altogether.

Pros ~

  • Portable.
  • This best backpacking fishing pole is non and wear-resistant.
  • Made with good quality.

Cons ~

  • Color of this product can be a bit different because of the color calibration. I am requesting you to take one as a normal issue.

7. Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Okuma Voyager Spinning Freshwater

In my opinion, this Okuma Voyager Spinning Freshwater Travel Kit is the best backpacking fishing pole. It is a very well-performed fishing rod for especially lakes, creeks, or any kind of places. I will provide you with some information that will definitely support my statement as well. Even after my words, you will also claim this one is the best backpacking fishing pole as a whole travel kit. Okay! Then listen to me. This Okuma Voyager Spinning Freshwater Travel Kit will provide you with each and every feature that is really needed for every professional. This product is basically suitable for fresh-water. But there will not be any problem if you want to use this one in salt water as well. This travel kit offers you:

  • 20 Size Spinning Voyager Travel Reel.
  • 6 Foot and 5 Piece Travel Rod.
  • Tackle Box that is hand along with compact.
  • Storage Travel Case including Padded Travel.

Additional Information!!!

So, you see this is basically a travel fishing pack. The Voyager Reel is actually best for catching bass, trout, catfish, and walleye. Similarly, the travel fishing rod features a stainless steel hooded reel seat including grips that is comfortable enough. This travel rod is about 6 feet and 5 pieces. The travel kit also includes an essential tackle box that is very lightweight and does not need a lot of stuff. This kind of tackle box will surely help you by holding a handful of spinners, spoons, and fishing hooks. And finally, this reel travel kit offers you a very soft and lightweight travel case including zipper closure. You can organize your fishing gear such as your fishing rod, and reel along with a tackle pack in this case. The case measurement is about 17 * 9 * 3 inches for having flexible storage and travel either.

Pros ~

  • This one is held with an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Offers best quality including great material.
  • Nice built-in.
  • Light-weight enough.
  • This product is not expensive enough.
  • There is inserted foam that will save you from getting shocked.
  • Super convenient enough as a travel bag.
  • You will not face difficulty while attaching the reel. It is quite easy.
  • The reel is quite reversible.

Cons ~

  • The case is not waterproof. So you need to be careful about this issue.
  • It is basically good for smaller fish.

8. Zebco 33 Spinning Reel and Telescopic Fishing pole Combo

Zebco 33 Spinning Reel and Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo

If you ask me whether Zebco 33 Spinning Reel and Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo is the best backpacking fishing pole or not? Then according to my recommendation, I will say this pole is the best one. I mean this is one of the best relatively. With this product, you can plan for an outdoor fishing adventure. It is The United States of America’s most trusted and dependable product since 1929. It is relatively very strong and convenient. If you are panning for catching catfish, bass, and panfish then without any doubt pick this one. Similarly, you can adjust the right and left-hand retrieves. Moreover, if you are a beginner then you can examine which hand of yours will be perfectly comfortable at the time of casting. You know it is one of the biggest pros!

So please DO NOT waste your time. Book yours as soon as possible.

Pros ~

  • Very easy to cast.
  • Relatively light-weight.
  • This product offers Dual Ceramic Pick-up Pins that are basically for smooth retrieval including high resistance to abrasion.
  • It offers fishing reel with great durability along with all metal gears.
  • You are going to have a balanced telescopic rod.

Cons ~

  • Eligible for only fresh-water.

9. Zebco Bite Alert Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod

Best Backpacking Fishing Pole

Another best backpacking fishing rod! Yes! You got it right. I am talking about Zebro Bite Alert Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod 2 Piece Combo. The very convenient Bite Alert Spinning combo is an entire open cast fishing reel that comes with a fiberglass rod, and a built-in hook keeper and is also pre-spooled.

Now I will talk about what makes this one such a special reel. This one has patented bite alert technology. It has an electronic alert system so you can turn that on, throw your line in and set it up. And then whenever you get a bite including light it will definitely alert you. Hence, at that time, it will beep at you so that you can know exactly which reel it is. I am going to add more features below that may help you.

Additional Features of This Product ~

Additionally, it uses a CR2032 battery. It has a sensitivity arm on the side by which you can control the amount of force it takes to set off. This rod is about seven feet and two-piece heavy medium rod. Hence, this one will help you to catch baitfish and any kind of catfish. It also features a double hook keeper. It is an amazing combo for those who want to hang out with his/ or her buddies. So if you have a plan for a fishing adventure then you should not miss this great and one of the best backpacking fishing poles. You even do not need to pay attention while you are fishing!

Ultimately, you can say that this best backpacking fishing rod is really the best one because it is loaded with the features that I described above.

Pros ~

  • Quite budget-friendly.
  • Very sturdy.
  • The aluminum spool is relatively durable enough and offers strength even under pressure.
  • If you do not have any interest in catching catfish or if you want to use this one in saltwater then you are allowed to do this. That means it will also work in saltwater as well. It is an amazing feature. Isn’t it?
  • You guys can switch this reel to a right-handed crank.

Cons ~

  • I didn’t figure out any kind of disadvantages of this rod. Just I have a warning issue and that is DO NOT use high pressure. That may displace the grease in the reel.

10. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Backpacking Fishing rod

Now I will talk about the PLUSINNO brand. This PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole is another best backpacking fishing pole ever that helps professional anglers to catch more fish. It is a whole fishing pole. Hence, the full kit provides some significant fishing gears that I am going to mention below for you! This one even comes with a storage bag. It’s cool!!!

Additionally, you can catch large-mouth bass at any time. But I want to warn you that if you remove the spinning reel and put on a bait cast reel probably it would stop working out. So just try to keep this in your mind.

Well! You know what? This one even is the perfect and best gift for anyone. So, if you are going to give a fishing rod or a fishing pole as a gift then you can pick this one.

Additional Details about this Best Backpacking Fishing Pole

This product contains a full kit along with a carrier cage that basically includes: One fishing rod and also one fishing reel, one carrier bag, one fishing line, and one fishing lure. These things are crucial and must-have gears for every angler. However, the fishing rod is perfect while you are going for boat fishing and sea fishing.

This product is very light however it is still eligible for traveling. Even if you want, you can catch a large Muskie. It can handle a 25+ lbs with it. It is possible because of the reel. The reel is large enough and sturdy as well.

Hence, the rod is very flexible and can catch 20lbs without any doubt. Likewise, you can adjust the handle and it can be extended for about 3.15 inches (approximately).

Pros ~

  • Great quality.
  • Its amazing feature is that – you can use this one in both freshwater and saltwater. It performs very well in both types of water.
  • It is transportable. But before carrying this one, do not forget to remove the hook and swivel. You may collapse it down as well as lock it into the place with the latch they provide you. This can easily fit into a bag.
  • Contains left and right interchangeable handles.
  • Features a high tensile strength body that is basically plastic.
  • This best backpacking fishing pole is durable enough due to the strong material.
  • Not much heavy-weighted.
  • Medium rod yet very sturdy.
  • This one does not contain any chemicals that can be harmful to the human body. It is a great side of this product. So you must not miss this product out.

Cons ~

  • For your kind information, I would like to say that there are no potential disadvantages to this best backpacking fishing pole. So you can easily pick this amazing one without having a single disadvantage.

11. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod

Best fishing Backpacking Pole

If you are very professional and serious at fishing but still looking for such a little one to carry in your backpack then this product will be the best choice for you. This is the most cute-sized fishing pole ever. It is basically called “A Pocket Fishing Rod”. But trust me! This performs really very well. The rod and reel are so perfect that you can easily fold it into your bag. That means this product will not take large spaces. Moreover, while folding, it measures 10”. Likewise, while extending, it is a fully functional fishing pole with the flexibility and sensitivity that every angler requires.

See! It is small in size but still, its performance is amazing. So if you are thinking about buying this cute-sized pocket fishing rod then hurry up and grab yours!

Additional Information!!!

Let me tell you first what you will get from this combo. You will get a float, a hook, a sinker, and a swivel along with a protective pouch. That means do you understand that you will get everything that you will need for a planned fishing adventure? That’s a very significant requirement. This one is specially designed for convenience including all the fishing gears.

This rod is very easy to cast. The line can be changed in the same way as other reels can. You can easily do that. First, you need to open the access cover, unspool the old line, and then spool the new line into the reel. It is very easy. Ultimately, by this one, you can catch plenty of fish.

Pros ~

  • You will feel comfortable while holding it.
  • Sturdy enough.
  • The handle is adjustable.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • Easy to store.
  • This is fairly easy to carry anywhere.

Cons ~

  • Initially, you might face a bit of difficulty while casting if you are a beginner. Take it apart. Because once you become used to it then it will be easier for you. I am adding this one here because for beginners it might become a problem.
  • A bit expensive.

Question Answer Session!!!

Yeah, here I have arranged some questions and answers. I am explaining why. I have mentioned 11 products here that are the best fishing backpacking pole in their ways! And I tried to mention all the details in a possible way. But still, you might have a lot of questions regarding the fishing rod. So, now what I am gonna do here is that I am trying to raise some questions, and also I am adding the answers. Those may remove your confusion. I hope this portion might help you to find a way.

Question No. 01: How should you transport your fishing rod other than backpack?

You can transport your fishing rods into your vehicle rod wraps. In my perception, it is the best way to transport. Because rod wraps are just a means of bundling a few rods together to make your traveling to and from a location more convenient and comfortable at the same time. So guys you can follow this tip.

Question No. 02: What is the best way to backpack with a fishing rod?

Well! I would like to demonstrate three different ways step by step how you should attach a fishing rod or a fishing pole to your backpack. I would try to explain in a very easy way.

  • Step One: In step one; I am describing the way for those who are very keen to catch fly fishing. That means this step is basically for those who are going to use fly rods. So, initially, while buying you must check out that your backpack has an outside rod for carrying your fly fishing pole. It is the first rule. And then you need to place that rod in the outer side of the hole in your backpack. It won’t be difficult for you. You can certainly walk with it.
  • Step Two: This step will demonstrate the way of backpacking the ultra-light fishing pole. I am pretty sure you know that the main advantage of an ultra-light fishing rod is – this kind of rod is lightweight and is very easy to carry in a backpack. Because this rod is small in size. Before going fishing, bring such a backpack that features an elastic cord on the outside. It will be able to hold the ultra-light fishing rod that you are willing to use.
  • Step Three: It is the last step and it is about telescopic sticks. In contrast to other forms, telescopic sticks are the easiest one, portable and also the best for backpacking to any place. So if you want you may just keep it in your fishing backpack.

Furthermore, you can easily connect it to the mountain point on your backpack. However, if you are not willing to attach the pole to the backpack, then simply put it inside. You will not need to face any difficulty while placing the telescopic sticks. It is relatively easier.

Question No. 03: What features should you need to find out while buying a fishing backpack?

Here I am going to mention some probable features that you should find out when you will buy a fishing backpack. These features are essential for all of you so do not avoid this question.

  • Waterproof: Initially, you must have to make sure that the backpack that you are buying is waterproof enough. Otherwise, the gears that you will be carrying inside will definitely get watered. Besides fishing gear sometimes you need to carry your electronic devices as well. So I kept this point at the first as in my perception this one is most important.
  • Size of Your Backpack: Try to pick the right size for your fishing backpack. It is important to ensure that your one is large enough so that you can bring all of your fishing gear including other essential things as well. Additionally, check out whether the bag features enough room inside so that your fishing rod can easily be attached without any trouble.
  • Materials: Material is also crucial in that case. As no one is going to buy such a backpack that will break easily. From my experience, I would like to suggest to you such materials that are strong and durable at the same time. Select woven and reinforced fabrics like robust polyester and double stitching. These will definitely ensure your long-lasting seams. Besides, if you need to bring some sharp objects, pick one that features a sturdy lining.
  • Comfort: The backpack that you are going to bring, make certain that one will definitely give you comfortable features. Always remember that – the most significant quality of a fishing backpack is its comfort. Ensure that the backpack has adequate padding on the back and shoulders. That will add extra comfort to your body.
  • Cold Storage: This may seem an inessential point to you but it is one of the important features like others. Cooling sections in your bag will assist you in keeping your bait fresh and your food from deteriorating.
  • Multipurpose: Apart from the fishing gears you will need your other significant things to carry like sleeping bags, electronic devices, water bottles, and food. So bring such one that will provide you with enough space so that all of your stuff will be fitted in properly.

I think I could cover all the necessary features that you should consider while buying a fishing backpack.

Question No. 05: Can a fishing rod or a fishing pole snap or break?

The answer is yes! A fishing rod or a fishing pole, whatever you call can snap sometimes. There are basically several reasons for which your fishing rod can break. For example:

Minor Fracture: 

some of your fishing rods may develop small or minor fractures over time. As a consequence, those rods ultimately shatter.

Due to the Excessive Pressure:

if your fishing rods get heavy pressure then this can be a reason to break.

Due to Using 90 Degree Angle:

Guys, if you raise your fishing rod more than 90 degrees angle from the ground then it might give some heavy pressure to the rod. As a result, that rod can break ultimately. Therefore, while raising your rod from the ground, you have to remain cautious that you are raising your rod not more than 90 degrees angle. Thus you can easily protect your fishing rod.

Mismatching with the Tackles:

Always try to match your rod to the tackle. If somehow your rod does not match the tackle, then it will break down for sure.

Question No. 07: Is a longer fishing rod better or a shorter fishing rod better?

A longer fishing rod is relatively better than a shorter and lighter action fishing rod. The reason is a longer and heavier one can give you more leverage compared to the lighter one. Even a heavier rod will give you a long casting time. Meanwhile, there is the biggest advantage of using the shorter one. Because the sensitivity of the shorter one is better than the shorter one.

Nevertheless, if you want to catch bass in that case, I think a shorter fishing rod will help you more than the longer one.

Question No. 08: What is the average lifespan of the best backpacking fishing pole?

The lifespan of a fishing pole basically depends on the quality and material. If you buy the best backpacking fishing pole then there is a possibility to get a long-lasting fishing pole. Generally, the best backpacking fishing pole can last for decades.

Question No. 09: Are all the fishing rods the same?

No! Never! All the fishing rods cannot be the same. Obviously, there are some distinctions among those. Likewise, not every fishing pole is built in a similar way. And this will create some distinctions. Some are made with cheaper materials. As you are buying with money, you need to keep yourself away from such products that are made with cheaper quality and cheaper materials.

Question No. 10: Can a fishing rod do any damage? Or, is a fishing rod harmful?

No. The fishing rod does not do any kind of damage.

Question No. 11: Does a fishing rod bend both ways?

Yes. A fishing rod can bend both ways. Hence, there is no problem and harm in it. However, it is not supposed to bend in both directions. A spine runs the length of every fishing rod, indicating which way it should bend. Just keep this point in your mind.


In general, you must have a fishing pole when you want to make a remarkable adventure. However, you need to pick up the best backpacking fishing rod to make your travelling easier. Because, if you make a mistake while choosing the best backpacking fishing pole you might regret later. Meanwhile, I have mentioned the eleven best backpacking fishing rods above including a short description of each product. Moreover, I have also created some questions along with the answers to make you fully understand. So I think you will easily select your best one from those. Finally if you are looking for best fishing net beside fishing pole you can check out our other blog where we have mentioned every best fishing net possible. So guys choose wisely and make your fishing journey more and more memorable with your friends, family, or your special one. Have a great day!!!

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