Best Tent for Camping With Dogs

Best Tent for Camping With Dogs

Exploring the beauty of nature with dogs is one of the most adventurous feelings, especially when it is about camping with dogs. But first of all, you have to select the best tent for camping with dogs. As it is important to take special care of our dogs. Moreover, there are numerous positive sides to camping with your dog. For instance, you may get saved from having unwanted issues because dogs are the most faithful friend that can save you from any danger. So, taking your all-time buddy will add different advantages.

There are various kinds of tents available in the market. But it is confusing to identify which will be the best tent, particularly for dogs. That is why I am here to let you know which are the best tents for camping with dogs. Let’s get started to discover more.

Best Tents for Camping with Dogs

Best Tent for Camping With Dogs

Camping is the best possible way to explore the beauty of nature. But some of you have dogs. And you will want to take them camping with you. Meanwhile, you surely are thinking about how you will take care of them as you are taking them outside the home. Especially if it is about its first trip. I can understand your worries. So it is essential to pick the best tent for camping with dogs. By thinking of you, I would like to recommend two different types of camping tents here. In the first category, there are 7 various best tents for camping with dogs in which you can keep your dogs with you at night. And in the second category, there are 5 other tents which are only for dogs.

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First Category:

1.    Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

 Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

Initially, I want to introduce you all to Coleman Sundome Camping Tent. This dome tent comes with an elegant design including a strong frame.It is one of the best tents for camping with dogs. Itoffers wide windows along with a ground vent that will assist you in pumping the hot air up and out so that you will stay at ease in the summer season.

There has enough room inside with one queen-size mattress that is eligible for 2 people. So you can keep your dog with you inside the tent. Besides, there is another positive side to this tent.  Do you know what this is? You do not have to feel tired while setting up this tent. Because it is not complicated at all. You will need only ten minutes to set up this one. So you can have more time to enjoy the camping. It is quite a great feature, no doubt!

Big Tent for Camping With Dogs

Pros ~

  • It is the tent for the warm season that I mentioned earlier but this tent will help you stay dry even in the wet season.
  • It comprises a rain fly.
  • Easy to fold and assemble.
  • Very light-weight.
  • It is not only the best for camping for also you can use this one for hiking.
  • You can easily carry this one in your backpack.
  • It features multiple interior storage pockets that will assist you to keep your gear well-organized.

Cons ~

  • This one is highly expensive as it is loaded with numerous features.
  • This is okay only for 2 people. I am adding this point as a drawback in case you want to take your family or friends then this tent is not for you.

I recommend this one as the best tent for camping with dogs for those people who do not feel safe keeping their dogs away from them at night.

2.    Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent is best for both outdoor camping and hiking. If you are willing to enjoy camping with your family and dogs then I can’t stop recommending this tent. This is one of the best tents for camping with dogs along with family or friends. Because this tent can hold nearly 6 members. The measurement of this tent is about 10*9 feet with a 10- x 5-foot screen room. You can rapidly set up this tent within 7 minutes. Hence, this comes with a weatherTec system which can help you by sealing out water to keep you comfortable and dry. On the other hand, a rainfly is added to this tent to protect your electronic devices from getting wet. These are the specialties of this tent.

good Tent for Camping With Dogs

Pros ~

  • It is well-made with the best quality of sturdy material.
  • You will get a carry bag to make it easy for transportation and storage.
  • Durable enough and waterproof.
  • This product comes with an extra sleeping area. You can consider this feature as an extra advantage.
  • Designed with internal and mesh storage pockets, electronic port, and window awnings.
  • Furthermore, there are illumiline reflective guy lines that will ensure your safety in the darkness.

Cons ~

  • Might not function in the strongest winds.
  • There is a back window that does not have any back cover.

In addition, it is a must to mention other features to give it a complete look. For instance, there are two queen-sized airbeds in this tent. There are two windows on the door and one on each side. And the screen is part of this dome tent. This one is worth family camping and hiking along with the dog.

3.    Coleman Dome Tent with Screened-In Porch

Coleman Dome Tent with Screened-In Porch

Do you want to enjoy a tranquil sunrise and sunset during the outdoor excursion? If you are wishing to enjoy the beauty of this sunrise and sunset without getting troubled by the insects inside then this best will the best choice for you. This tent will provide you with a separate full-floor screen room so that you can have an insect-free tour. Along it provides with 2 queen-size air beds. And the interior measurements are about 10*9 feet including 5 feet 8-inch center height.

This is a family-sized tent and overall the best tent for camping with dogs. Because 6 members can easily occupy this roomy tent for extended camping trips and hiking as well. Therefore, it is exactly the amazing one for family extended camping or hiking trips, and also scout trips. Hence, there comes a rainfly that ensures extra weather protection.

tent room view

Pros ~

  • If you are willing to experience car camping then opt for it.
  • Offers an extra sleeping area as well.
  • Enough roomy inside.
  • Weather-proof and water-proof along with zipper protection.
  • The weatherTec offers waterproof floors, highly protective seams, leak-free seams, weather-resistant fabric, zipper protection, and also wind-strong frame.
  • You will get a carry bag so that you can organize your gears in a way.
  • You can easily set up this amazing tent within 15 minutes.

Cons ~

  • This one will not work in the strong wind.
  • The screen rooms might not always offer waterproof.
  • There are two tiny apertures on either side where the tent and the screened-in porch are connected. Sometimes you can get disturbed by small insects through these two apertures. But it is designed for draining out the water for those who set up the tents in such a way that the ground is not horizontal. You can use some toilet paper to plug them up as a solution.

4.    VEVOR Motorcycle Camping Tent

VEVOR Motorcycle Camping Tent

This VEVOR Motorcycle Camping tent is the best for any kind of adventurous outdoor excursion. It is one of the best tents for camping with dogs with a breathable design. This camping tent provides a lot of space. Let me give you the measurement of this tent so that you can get a better idea. Well, it comes with a floor size of 177.2” * 98.4” ( the sleeping space is about {(65.0” + 65.0”) * 98.4”}) and a 78.7” center height for ensuring the maximum comfort of the user.

It is constructed with a storage bag in which you can keep safe your electronic devices and other essential gear. Hence, around 3 to 4 people can easily use this tent to sleep at ease. Now imagine how much spacious this tent is! A dog owner can easily make great camping with a dog and can stay comfortably in this tent.

Pros ~

  • This spacious tent is designed with lightweight and long-lasting material.
  • Flexible enough to use.
  • For a quick and stress-free set up this tent comes with robust fiberglass poles and anchors.
  • In this tent, around 3 to 4 people can easily use it to sleep at ease.
  • The tent is quite windproof. Similarly, offers 100 percent water-proof double layers.
  • You can keep your motorbike in a separate secure enclosure that is attached to the inner tent.
  • Quite easy to backpack.
  • It has four primary entrance doors, allowing quick and convenient access to your bike and gear while maintaining your privacy.
  • This tent is the best for hiking, family camping, and any off-road and or any kind of road trip, etc.

Cons ~

  •  There are no probable drawbacks to this tent.

5.    Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Well! Now let’s talk about Core Extended Dome Tent. This one refers to one of the best tents for camping with dogs because of its big size and loaded with characteristics. Nearly nine campers can easily stay in this tent. So if you intend to go camping with your family or friends then this gigantic tent is the best choice for you. You perhaps have a dog in your family. In that case, you can take bring your dog with your family including your dog while camping.

In addition, it is going to offer you three queen air mattresses. This is a one-room tent with a splendid design. The center height is about 72 inches. This one offers an additional rain fly, tent poles, tent stakes, and a carry bag. For keeping your stuff safe and well organized the tent includes a gear loft with a lantern hook and pockets.

Pros ~

  • Best tent for three seasons such as – Summer, Fall, and Spring.
  • This dome tent is designed with sturdy and long-lasting materials.
  • Quite water-resistant.
  • It features an electronic cord access port. Even when not in use, the port will be entirely closed.
  • Very easy and swift to set up. It will nearly take ten to fifteen minutes.

Cons ~

  • It is not suitable for the extremely stormy conditions. But it will work better in medium rains.
  • It does not offer any AC vent.

6.    MARMOT Crane Creek Backpacking Tent

MARMOT Crane Creek Backpacking Tent

Here comes another backpacking tent that is MARMOT Crane Creek. It is considered the best tent for camping with your dogs. It is well-constructed and suitable for three people. So if you are willing to travel and go camping alone or with your partner then you can opt for this spacious tent. You can even take your dog with you if you have any.

In the tent, this one will provide you with a safe shelter at night while hiking or camping with your dog. Similarly, it performs well in the wet season even in heavy storms this tent will provide you with safety and dryness. In addition, it comes with a completely waterproof rain fly. So after buying this best one you will enjoy camping with your dog. Finally, I can say that this product is worth purchasing.

MARMOT Crane Creek Backpacking Tent

Pros ~

  • Budget-friendly.
  • You can set up this tent without anyone’s assistance.
  • Offers the best tent tub protection that is weightless too.
  • It is an ultra-lightweight tent.
  • Comes in weather enduring quality.
  • The tent is not heavy at all.
  •  It provides two small pockets where you can safely store your mobile phones and other gear.
  • Comes with 6 lightweight stakes.
  • Roomy enough.

Cons ~

  • The footprint is not included. You can consider it as the only disadvantage.

7.    Pacific Pass Camping Dome Tent

Pacific Pass Camping Dome Tent

Most of you have a dog in your house. Most probably, when it is about camping with your whole family, then you also want to take your little friend along with you. In that case, the Pacific Pass Camping Tent is perfect for your family camping and your dog. It can hold 4 people inside the tent. Because this dome tent is spacious at the same time roomy inside. Hence, it comes with 1 door and 2 windows along with a gracious look that made it one of the best tents for camping with dogs among travelers.

This full freestanding dome tent is made with a sturdy and waterproof material that is fiberglass. But the material of the zipper is nylon. Furthermore, it is generally a 3-season tent but performs great in the warmer season around the whole year.

Pros ~

  • Provides quite durable material.
  • It is very lightweight and easily portable.
  • This camping tent comes with a couple of wall pockets.
  • Super affordable.
  • This tent is ventilated.

Cons ~

  • It might not work in excessively cold weather.
  • Will not support long in the stronger wind.

In total, this tent is worth investing in for camping with dogs. You will not regret buying it once.

Second Category:

Camping Tents Suggestions For Dogs Only:

Those who want to provide separate tents for your furry friend during camping, you might take suggestions from this. Because I will explain about 5 types of different tents that are only eligible for dogs. Hence, these all are the best tents for camping with dogs.

1.    Furhaven Indoor-Outdoor Pop-Up Tent

Furhaven Indoor-Outdoor tent

This Furhaven Playpen Pet Tent is a very pet-friendly tent that comes in a great size. There is enough space and room inside the tent. It has a removable top panel, zippered opening, and a 360-degree open-mesh view of the surrounding for significantly enhanced airflow. Likewise, it has stakes that add extra stability. It encourages security by offering canines and felines a secure enclosed area to relax and play.

Additionally, the tent features tiny metal stakes used to anchor it to the ground and make it the perfect outdoor item for both camping and picnic. If you have 2 dogs and you are willing to take both of them camping, then this will be the best tent for camping with your dogs for sure. Furthermore, this is the best pet tent for camping in warmer weather.

Pros ~

  • Affordable.
  • This playpen pet will offer you a rapid setup.
  • You will get a carry bag along with this super tent.
  • Very easy to wash.

Cons ~

  • While washing, you can’t use excessively hot water and any harsh detergent that can harm the pet tent. Always use mild detergent, then towel it off and let the air dry.

2.    Beatrice Collapsible Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel

Beatrice Collapsible Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel

Are you worried about taking your gigantic dog for an outdoor excursion or camping and hiking? And you are thinking about how you would provide them safely at night camping. Then Beatrice Travel Pet Kennel will be a great solution for worry-free traveling. It is a perfect choice and the best tent for camping with your dogs for you. It can also comfortably accommodate a cat or several kittens and other pets.

This travel pet kennel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor excursions. It offers soft-sided enclosures with mesh screen windows that will keep the pets at ease and contained. Similarly, this one includes a handy storage pocket for a backpack or luggage.

Pros ~

  • Facile for traveling and carrying.
  • You can fold up this one very easily.
  • Very simple to pack up.
  • It is very lightweight and quite durable.
  • Features sturdy material.

Cons ~

  • Not eligible for everyday use. You can use it for temporary use.

3.    MidWest Portable Dog Tent

MidWest Portable Dog Tent

Camping and other outdoor excursions will be the best exploration with MidWest Portable Tent Crate. If you do not like to leave your dog at home alone while traveling and want to take it along, then this portable tent is the best solution for your pet. It is one of the best tents for camping with dogs.

The sturdy U-shaped wire, synthetic sheepskin pad, a safe and simple zip door, reinforced corners, water-resistant material, and robust mesh windows are just a few of the distinctive and thoughtfully placed elements of the Canine Camper Sportable. Furthermore, this gracious tent comes with a sturdy folding steel frame with a handle and buckle lock for the easiest transportation. Midwest Homes for pets is very proud to launch the  Canine Camper Sportable following extensive field testing.

Pros ~

  • This product is so perfect to carry to any place and you can set up this one quickly.
  • Not heavy at all.
  • It provides effortless assembly.
  • Lightweight yet durable.
  • After use, you can easily clean this product.

Cons ~

  • There are no probable drawbacks.

4.    PETMAKER Portable Puppy tent

best Portable Dog Tent

Make your camping cozy and convenient along with your dog with PETMAKER Portable Puppy Playpen. This one is travel-friendly and also the best tent for camping with dogs. However, it is a lightweight puppy playpen. This foldable pop-up play yard allows your dog or cat to roam around, unwind and sleep as there is enough room inside. This dog playpen features a built-in hole and an outside elastic band to hold your pet’s water bottle along with a drinking nozzle so they can conveniently drink inside. The windows, entrance, and zippered roof all have mesh netting that will keep your pooch cool and in front of your sight.

Pros ~

  • Facile to wash up.
  • You can wash away this product in a very simplest way.
  • This product is not only the best for dogs but also ideal for cats and rabbits.
  • You will not face trouble while setting up even in the strong wind.
  • Features sturdy & 100% authentic material such as Oxford Polyester, Mesh Fabric including Metal.

Cons ~

  • Not fit for a larger dog.
  • This product is not the best for permanent usage.

Several exterior pockets will assist you to keep goodies and other accessories. You also will get a removal zippered half-mesh roof that offers shade while using outside. And the zippered mesh door can be rolled up to let your pet enter and exit conveniently. In a nutshell, those who will buy this product once will surely introduce it as one of the best tents for camping with dogs.

5.    SereneLife Portable Dog Tent

SereneLife Portable Dog Tent

This SereneLife Pet Tent is a top-notch small-sized tent and perfect for medium-breed puppies that are up to 10 to 12 weeks old. It includes a collapsible pet bowl so that you can take this one with you anywhere and set it up quickly. If you are worried about your pet getting overheated then I have to say that you can stay worry-less. Because there is plenty of air movement and all the sides are perfectly screen-covered which will protect the little guy from overheating. Likewise, this product is an ideal pet tent for a tiny puppy or a dog as it keeps them in a comfortable protected area when they are playing and sleeping. Even though this tent is collapsible and easily transportable, it has great durability. Ultimately, no one can deny that this is the best tent for camping with dogs and worth investing in.

Pros ~

  • Comes with the best quality.
  • Eligible for both any indoor and outdoor excursion.
  • Roomy inside and super foldable.
  • It is very simple to access and easy to wash due to the zippered top.
  • Budget-friendly.

Cons ~

  • If you do not use it for a long time, this tent can collapse at any time.

Questions & Answers ~

You might have some questions in your mind about the best tent for camping with dogs. It is obvious to have some. To alleviate the confusion I am arranging some potential questions along with their answers so that this article can cover all of your necessities regarding the best tent for camping with dogs.

Question No. 01: How should you make your dog feel at ease in the tent?

Answer: Several tips are really helpful to make your dog comfortable in the tent. I would like to suggest those. Such as:

  • The initial step in introducing your dog to tent camping is to get the right tent for your dog.
  • Let your dog be used to in the tent at home through practice if this is its first camping with you. Working on the mat and relaxing training is another method to help your dog unwind in their position in the tent. The fact that dogs are constantly on high alert while tent camping and it is one of the most common complaints.
  • Then let your pet explore the tent slowly.
  • You should create a sleeping space for your dog in the tent.
  • Introduce your dogs to screens. Once your dog starts feeling at ease and aware that the screens are obstacles then you may shut the tent flap and ask your dog to spend some time inside the tent.
  • Consider going camping in your backyard first inside your home to a campsite if your dog is a neurotic breed.
  • You should not forget to bring a towel for it to wipe its paws before entering or you may think about booties to preserve the tent.
  • Before going to bed, tire your dog out.
  • You should bring something for your dog to do in the tent. A camping trip is much better with toys like puzzle reward toys, kongs, and other items that will keep them occupied.
  • Select a dog-friendly campsite.

Question No. 02: How can you keep your camping tent warm in the excessive cold?

Answer: Camping during winter is another different kind of experience. Between December and February, you may get frigid cold weather in the United States. So those who want to have this kind of experience during these months, I am sharing some tips to stay warm in the camping tent during cold weather. You can follow those.

  • Use Tent Safe Heater: Use a heater that is safe for your tent. One of the easiest methods to keep the tent warm is the usage of heaters. You will get a heater in any camping store that is designed to be used inside your tent.
  • Insulate Your Tent: Insulating the tent plays a vital role to keep the tent warm. You can do it by using a space blanket that will keep the tent warm amidst the excessive cold. In addition, you can choose traps. To stop heat from radiating outside the tent, you have to attach them to the walls and ceiling. They are mostly available in the camping shop. Hence, you will get this type of blanket within your budget. You can use it to reflect heat into yourself. A space blanket is also referred to as a Mylar Blanket.
  • Do Not Forget To Pack A Bottle Of Warm Water: Must take adequate warm water for yourself and your dog. If your water gets cold then you can again warm it by using a campfire. Your tent will get warm due to the hot water bottle.
  • Tent Ventilation: For the tent, you are choosing to make sure that it is ventilated. Most campers are unaware of the necessities of maintaining ventilation in the tent on a winter night. There is a solid reason although at first, it might seem a little unusual. At night, heat from the body and breath inside the tent might lead to condensation that makes the entire space slightly damp.
  • Use A Temperature-Rated Sleeping Bag: To survive the cold, use a sleeping bag of a temperature-rated quality. Make sure that the sleeping that you are going to use is rated for zero degrees for maximum toastiness.
  • Utilize Hand And Food Warmers: You may utilize hand and food warmers. Open two disposable hand warmers on particularly cold nights. To keep your feet warm, put one of them close to the foot of your sleeping bag. While sleeping, keep the other one close to your chest. Even if you misplace it in the middle of the night, your sleeping bag should still contain it and will keep you warm amidst cold weather.

Question No. 03: How to set up the camping tent so easily?

Answer: Although every tent is unique, there are some fundamental processes you should follow to set up the camping tent so easily. Such as:

  • Get your ground tarp/footprint first, then spread it out with the shiny side facing up.
  • Secondly, place your tent on top of the ground tarp. Make sure to position the door in the direction you want it to face so that you can see that there is a door on this side and a door on the other side.
  • Put your tent poles together. Even though it might feel like your tent pole would break, it will not break when you insert it into this tiny circle here. And it is known as a grommet.
  • Now, affix the poles to the tent’s body.
  • Enter the grommet with the tent’s poles,
  • You have to place the rain fly on top of your tent after entering the grommet.
  • Underneath the tent poles insert the rain-fly grommets.
  • Afterwards, stake your tent.
  • At the last step, make sure that you have tightened your rain fly firmly.

Question No. 04: How long generally does it take to set up a tent?

Answer: It usually requires 10 to 20 minutes to set up a tent. Hence, it will depend on several variables, including the size of the tent, and what type of tent you are going to use. However, how much time it will take to set up the tent also slightly depends on the weather conditions. If the weather is windy then you might face some trouble setting up your camping tent easily. Therefore, the amount of time it does need for setup may vary and depend on various situations, and sometimes it may exceed 20 minutes.

Question No. 05: Where are the essential things for your dog to bring along to a camp?

Answer: If you have a plan for taking your dogs with you to a camp, then you have to take extra care of your dog so that that little friend of yours should not get any harm during camping. So you surely have to take some pieces of stuff along that you should not avoid for the sake of your dog. Hence, for carrying all the stuff you can give it a little doggie backpack. There are go:

  • In the beginning, you should bring the best tent for camping with your dog that is suitable for any season and will also protect your pooch from cold air and hotness. If that one can not provide the support then you must bring a sleeping bag or a doggie jacket to make it adaptable to the weather.
  • Do not forget to carry some foods that you are used to eating every day and adequate water. Double the amount of water and food you generally bring for yourself so that the dog can not get deprived of drinkable water and food.
  • Bring a must-have first aid kit. A must-have first aid kit is not only important for you but also for your dog.
  • A poop bag is mandatory for the dog.
  • Have a copy of your dog’s medical records along with you. Maybe you are thinking why I am telling you to keep this with you. If your dog somehow gets injured while camping then you perhaps will need to show this to the local veterinarian. That’s why it is essential as well to carry.
  • You should attach a collar to your dog. You should do it as a precaution in case it goes astray. So, add the owner’s and dog’s name there, the location of the campground including the campsite number in that temporary supplementary tag so that you will not have to face any trouble getting it back.
  • Keep it in your consideration to pack some booties to protect their paws if you have a plan for staying more than one day in a rugged area or want to hike a lot.
  • If you have a plan to keep your dog with you in the same tent, then provide a bed or other bedding in your tent for your dog to sleep on with you.

A Few Words!

Camping tents play an indispensable role in camping. If it is about more than one night, then you can’t just ignore the importance of having a comfortable tent for you and your dogs. With the overall preparation, you can enjoy a wonderful journey while camping and on other great outdoor excursions. When choosing a tent, keep in mind that a tent will protect you from the heat of the sun, storms, harmful insects, and the strongest wind. So just be wise when you are going to purchase the best tent for camping with dogs. During camping if you need camping tips you can check out our other camping blogs. Furthermore, there is a friendly reminder for you – try to avoid other mistakes that can impact your wonderful journey.

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